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AZ Compliance Consulting Inc.

19 Bradley Lane
Brantford, Ontario
N3T 6R4

Natural Health Products

  • NHP Site Licensing
  • NHP Product Licensing 
  • Foreign Site inclusion
  • License Transfer 
  • Develop Natural Health Product Regulatory Compliance  Program 
  • NHP  formulation
  • Label compliance 
  • Export Natural Health Product to US Market
  • FDA approval of Dietary Supplement
  • Hand Sanitizer and Disinfectant Licensing

Dietary Supplement

Dietary  supplement is natural Health Product counterpart in US. To market a  dietary supplement to US you need FDA approval/notification. We provide  support to develop develop dietary supplement formula and FDA  approval.

Food Safety Program

  • A  new food facility needs food safety and Quality control program to meet  regulatory compliance and make safe product for consumer.
  •  We are here  to build your food safety and quality assurance from scratch in minimum  time. 
  • We also provide internal audit service to give you an assessment  where you are at in your regulatory, customer, or certification  compliance. 
  • Preventative Control plan development to comply SFCR (Safe Food for Canadian Regulations)
  • Traceability Plan development to comply SFCR (Safe Food for Canadian Regulations)
  • Recall plan development 
  • We  also help guide how you can extend your product to US market. Make your  product compliance to US regulatory requirement. 

Cannabis Licensing and compliance

  •  Site licensing: cultivation and processing
  • SOP/GPP development 
  • Compliance implementation plan: Record keeping forms and documentation
  • Control point determination and compliance